środa, 31 marca 2010

Safeguarding The Ferret.

Finally got tired and went to sleep. Usually the ferret chases the cat to bite. Sleeping time is the truce time.

wtorek, 30 marca 2010

Ferret Fashion Trends.

Pictures of Moka/Illy, published with the approval of the author: Caterina Simonsen

poniedziałek, 29 marca 2010

Last Day Of The Couch. Open Day For Animals.

We have got a new one. The old one has been transformed by the ferret into a burrow. Do not buy ferrets ! You will have to choose a ferret or a couch.

niedziela, 28 marca 2010

sobota, 27 marca 2010

piątek, 26 marca 2010

czwartek, 25 marca 2010

Ucieczka z więzienia. / Prison Break.

Niewiarygodne ! / Unbelievable!

środa, 24 marca 2010

poniedziałek, 22 marca 2010

Uciekinier. / Runaway.

Biegaliśmy wokół samochodu złapać fretkę. / We were running around the car to catch the ferret.

niedziela, 21 marca 2010

Wiosna z Amsterdamu (Keukenhof). / Spring From Amsterdam (Keukenhof).

I nasze słoneczko czekające w domu. / And our sun waiting at home.